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In my New Nordic Design Class, we have an assignment called the Nordic Paper that involves us doing research at the Designmuseum Danmark. This museum currently has an exhibition called Danish Design Now that showcases some of the most classic and iconic pieces that are core to Danish design.

One afternoon, I decided to go to the museum by myself to get some inspiration for the assignment.

Being alone in a big city isn’t new to me, but in a museum, it’s different.

You are able to wander around at your own pace and stop when you’d like, for as long as you want.

If you are ever in Copenhagen, I would highly recommend a solo trip to Designmuseum Danmark, and if you aren’t, here are some pictures from my trip!

A dress made of raffia palm sown onto canvas
The spherical bed…not the most comfortable!
Here is one of the sections of the Danish Design Now exhibit
One of the other exhibitions was a room filled with porcelain, some from Royal Copenhagen (which is a highly-coveted brand in Denmark)
If you look closely, her dress and wings are made entirely of straws!
A different side of Danish design!
Took this one for my dad! An old Nimbus…
A beautiful silverware set!

From motorcycles to chairs to faucets, Danish design knows no bounds. It was so interesting to get to know better what characterizes Danish design on my own and spend an afternoon at the museum by myself.

This only gets me more excited for a little solo travel that I have ahead of me! I’ll keep you updated:)


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