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My name is Emma Hansen and I am a Political Science student at Seattle University!

This is me!

For this semester, I chose to take my studies to Denmark and now am learning about this topic at DIS Copenhagen, giving my perspective much more depth!

I’m taking five classes while here (all of which will be discussed more in the blog): Terrorism and Counter-Terrorism from a European Perspective, Urban Ecology, Politics and Ethics of Food, Muslims in the West and New Nordic Design. Click on any of these to read more about my classes!

Here are some quick fun facts about me!

  • I’m one of the youngest students in the programs, as DIS is meant for juniors and seniors in college (I’m a sophomore!).
  • I am both a Danish citizen and an American citizen.
  • To follow up, no, I do not speak Danish.
  • I’m a dog person, for sure.
  • I’m from Reno, Nevada.
  • I’ve never done anything like a blog before!

This blog is meant to show with honesty what a semester at DIS looks like. If you are my mom, a friend, a prospective student or a complete stranger, I welcome you to Young in Europe! Add your email below to get notified when I upload:

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